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Benefit From Experienced HR Directors

A growing business doesn’t always have the time or resources to manage in-house HR — and effective people management is something that requires your full attention.

This is why many businesses turn to outsourcing. But what are the benefits of outsourcing your HR? What are the fundamental differences you see when you bring in an outside party to oversee your HR strategy? Let us fill you in.

With embedded HR support provided by a People Puzzles part-time HR Director, you and your business will benefit from the following:

Free up your valuable time

Many CEOs are fully aware of the steps needed to get everyone in their company working together, aiming for the same goals. The problem is, they don’t have the time to spare on taking those steps. By outsourcing HR responsibilities, you leave the bulk of the work to an expert.

You’ll be involved every step of the way, but your valuable time can be spent on your strengths — the day-to-day running of your company.

Focus on employee strengths

Trying to pull double duty is demanding regardless of your position. Splitting HR responsibilities across existing employees might seem like a good idea, but it’s more likely to cause people issues rather than solve them. Outsourcing HR lets your employees work to their own strengths and doesn’t distract them from their own job role.

Bringing in a fresh, outside perspective also allows your employees to directly impact how an HR strategy can be built.

Plug into expertise you cannot afford full time

Perhaps the most alluring benefit for growing businesses is how cost-effective outsourced, part-time HR is. With an embedded HR director working flexibly around your needs, you have the clout and experience of a full HR department at a fraction of the cost.

The whole picture

Traditional HR consultants are often limited in their scope and ability. With People Puzzles and strategic HR, you gain access to expertise and support across all facets of HR. From compliance and employment law to ongoing HR development, leadership training and more, you can use outsourced HR as a means of developing your company at every level.

Access HR specialisms

People Puzzles has a wealth of experience across many HR specialists thanks to our hand-picked team of HR directors. While your business will be assigned a single strategic HR director, you still have full access to this priceless knowledge base.

Our experience working with SMEs and large corporations means we know how to utilise this too, so when you outsource with People Puzzles, you’re in safe hands.

People Puzzles take a personal, collaborative approach to HR. We embed ourselves in your business and your working culture, finding proactive, results-driven ways to spur growth and increase profit.

For effective HR support from those in the know, contact People Puzzles today.

Lynn ran a detailed process and I wasn’t allowed to get away with anything- All relevant issues were included and dealt with objectively.

Sue Ford, Director, Bridge Case Management

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