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Seven benefits that a UK-based HR Director can bring to a US company

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Morag Woodliffe, People Puzzles Portfolio HR Director, lists the key reasons why a US based company should have a UK based HR Director for their over-seas office.


1. Having the right management style for your team

Despite speaking the same language, there are cultural differences between management styles in the UK and the US. A People Puzzles Portfolio HR Director can help harmonise messages, programmes and practices to keep your UK employees happy.

2. Getting local employment law right

There is different legislation for hiring and firing in the UK to the US and it’s important to be aware of the legal framework – not just around employment law, but in areas such as data protection, health and safety, etc.

3. Finding the best people available

Having an in-country HR presence will ensure you have a consistent and professional approach to recruitment. Interviews can be conducted face-to-face rather than online, and line managers can be better supported in the recruitment process.

4. Tailoring country-specific benefits

UK employees are likely to have a different expectations around employment benefits to those in the US. For example, health insurance is less of a priority because of the UK’s National Health Service. We can help tailor your benefits package so it is competitive in the local job market.

5. Setting competitive salaries

Base pay in the UK can differ dramatically to the US. Our experienced HR Directors will be able to advise on competitive salary benchmarking, to help you get the best people for your UK team.

6. Providing additional leadership support

Being the in-country managing director can be lonely when the parent company is across the Atlantic; a People Puzzles HR Director can provide immediate support when there are employee issues to address or urgent messages that need communicating to staff, without waiting five hours for the US office to wake up.

7. Facilitating the strategic goals

Strategic HR from a People Puzzles Portfolio HR Director can help clarify the UK business’s strategy and objectives. We can also set up HR programmes, tailored for your UK team, and help to implement them effectively.

Morag Woodliffe

Morag Woodliffe, People Director.

If you think you might need a UK based HR Director, contact us or call to discuss your needs on 0808 164 5826.

Carole has helped me and the business massively and added real value while helping us shape the business.

Stuart Hill, CEO, WNDirect

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