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People Are The Most Valuable Asset We Have

We have had an article published in Business Post Magazine, which has become an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and SMEs, offering advice and insight on a broad range of topics of key interest to business. A printed free subscription and digital magazine within the Midlands, North West and South West regions. It includes sectors such as services, manufacturing, construction through to finance and communication, and is targeted at key decision makers such as MD’s, Directors, and business owners. Read our article below or the full magazine here.

In business our people are the most valuable asset we have and keeping them happy and productive can be a puzzle for many managers.

Even large businesses with a team of HR professionals can find difficulties around staff retention and motivation which inevitably impinge on their bottom line, an effect felt perhaps most strongly, by the SME sector.

In these times of high employment and changing patterns of working, it is vital for managers to stay abreast of the latest thinking in staff motivation and retention. The old model of being at your desk or workplace from 9-5 being enough, no longer applies. Millennials and Generation Z, for example, are motivated by outcomes. Getting the job done however and, importantly, wherever is what matters. Who they work with, is also important to this group.

Consider how much your business would benefit by having your own highly experienced, board level People Director with proven ability to increase revenue and reduce costs, working part time on your business, solving your people puzzles and thus driving growth.

At a fraction of the cost of a full time HR Director, you can receive guidance and expertise as well as hands-on support to create a more successful business, reduce staff turnover and associated recruitment costs, while developing and motivating your existing people towards your goals.

People Puzzle’s team are all highly experienced commercially driven HR Professionals who by embedding themselves into your business for perhaps 3-8 days per month, for only as long as you need them, can deliver real change and growth. Energetic, proactive and results focused they will build strong relationships throughout your organisation, to achieve your goals.

The length of time they are needed varies with the business, often staying with companies for years as part of the leadership team, they blend into your organisation becoming a trusted part of the management team. Occasionally they just go in for a shorter period to re-skill and develop an existing HR department.

When we spoke to Jo Ramsdale, Regional Director for the Midlands, she explained the importance of working with the senior management team to institute a “people plan” to run alongside the business plan.

She explained that many traditional Midland’s businesses, which are often family run, and from the engineering, manufacturing and warehousing sectors work on a traditional low wage – high staff turnover model, and as a result can suffer from high recruitment and training costs, lack of employee engagement with the organisation, presenteeism and low productivity.

People Puzzles can change all that and bring a new dynamism into your organisation. They will get to know your people and what works for them, and therefore, what will ultimately benefit your business.

As Jo explained, “When People Puzzles join your team, you get the expertise of a complete HR department for a fraction of the cost. Clients have full access to a huge range of HR specialisms- even though they are only working with one member of the team”

If you’re looking for a part-time People director to help you transform and grow your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For a free HR health check or to find out more, call 0808 164 5826.

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