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How do I motivate my staff? [Infographic]

We have put together a list of the top 10 ways that you can ensure your staff are motivated. Thanks to People Puzzles’ HR Director Lesley Strachan for help compiling this list. Lesley Strachan, HR Director If you would like help with employee retention in your business, contact us today and give us a call on 0808 164 5826.

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How do I stop good people from leaving?

There are costs associated when good people leave, often in recruitment fees and lost productivity until a replacement is up to speed. Staff turnover is also disruptive – for colleagues and customers alike. So how do you retain your star performers? We asked People Puzzles HR Directors Paul Gordon and Carole Gibbs for their tips. ‘People don’t leave a company, they leave a boss,’ says Paul Gordon. ‘So you have to ask yourself are you a good boss or a bad boss? It’s about leadership and good leadership is about motivating people.’ What pushes staff away? Paul identifies a number of…

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My business is growing so fast – how do I keep up with it?

Rapid business growth can bring a lot of different stresses and strains to a business – not least because people’s roles evolve as the business expands. People Puzzles founder Ally Maughan explains how CEOs can best manage the changes as well as their own role, which is likely to change the most. The evolving role of the CEO With People Puzzles currently growing at over 40% per year, Ally has first-hand experience of the challenges in keeping up with a fast-growing company. ‘In a fast-growing business, your day-to-day role constantly changes,’ she says. ‘When you have a 40-strong business you can…

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13 key steps to cyber security for non-technical Board members

“Cyber attacks can be complicated, but in our experience over many years, most are REALLY SIMPLE and EXPLOIT BASIC WEAKNESSES. In the vast majority of cases, simple steps can make you safe, or minimise disruption in the event of an attack. But, normally, these decisions are taken by technicians and the Board are not able to effectively challenge or lead.

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It was a detailed process and I wasn’t allowed to get away with anything- All relevant issues were included and dealt with objectively.

Sue Ford, Director, Bridge Case Management

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