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UK market leader wnDirect offers fresh thinking and international logistics solutions for retailers to help them maximise their eCommerce growth internationally.

The Challenge

A big challenge for wnDirect was that they knew they didn’t have robust, commercial HR support at a senior level. That meant few operational HR processes existed and those that did weren’t really working for their business.

One example was their Performance Review process which was seen as labour intensive and not related in any way to the competencies they needed and it just wasn’t being used.

The Solution

  • With the Senior Team, People Puzzles’ HR Director Carole Palmer identified some of the trouble spots, and started with sorting out some of the people issues that impacted productivity and draining time and energy from the business managers.
  • Time was well spent working with key team members to come up with definitions and examples of the generic competencies required across the business. These definitions then became a stake in the ground for the behaviours required and were built into the review process.
  • Other tangibles included writing a company handbook and contracts of employment were bought up to date and made compliant. Carole also supported the successful achievement of a Sponsorship license enabling them to recruit an individual with the skills they needed from overseas.
  • A review and streamlining of all the other processes helped not only to save money but also provide valuable facts and figures for business analysis and core KPI’s to be developed for transparency amongst the team.
  • Carole then put together an HR strategy review to set out what they needed to support the business moving forwards with 90 employees and rising, this included recruiting an HR Manager and identifying key areas for improvement.
  • To give the business independence and new skills, Carole has been mentoring their new HR Manager, dealing with the day to day people issues.
  • For the first time they have a strategy plan and all contracts and processes are up to date and compliant.

The Conclusion

  • From the strategic to the operational, Carole introduced a strategy for finding and keeping employees, a redesigned competency based review process, running a cost saving exercise to improve amalgamate the HR process application, which enabled facts and figures for key business KPIs, and new compliant employment documentation across the business.
  • So in 26 days, a period of time where a full time employee would likely be on week 6 of their induction period, Carole had completed some significant business change projects, offering great value for money for the business.

“Carole has helped me and the business massively and added real value while helping us shape the business.” Stuart Hill, CEO, wnDirect

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss any of these areas within your business, on 0808 164 5826.

Carole Palmer
Carole Palmer, HR Director.

Lynn ran a detailed process and I wasn’t allowed to get away with anything- All relevant issues were included and dealt with objectively.

Sue Ford, Director, Bridge Case Management

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