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How Do I Handle Long-Standing Team Members Who Are Just Cruising? [Video]

People Puzzles Portfolio HR Directors, Gill Watcham and Mark Davies discuss the best ways to manage staff when they begin cruising.


“Many organisations have people who have been in the business for quite a while and who tend to be not as well engaged as they were at the start of their career.

My view is that a revamped development review process, or what some people might call the appraisal systems,  that really starts to talk to people about where there aspirations, or their ambitions are, can actually inject quite a lot of new life into existing people. And sometimes it can get to the bottom of why that person isn’t feeling quite as engaged.”


“If they’re not performing as you want them to perform then you address that situation through the performance management programme. So you encourage their line managers, with adequate support, to get the people that report to them who are considered to be cruising to address the issues that you want them to address in a timely fashion.

You measure their performance, you feedback to them and you raise their game in that way.”

Gill Watcham

Gill Watcham, HR Director

Mark Davies

Mark Davies, HR Director

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