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How can HR assist operations to improve performance?

One of our Regional Directors, Jo Ramsdale, explains how HR can assist Operations to improve performance.

Jo: I think that HR and Operations should work very much hand in hand, when i was working in a senior operations role, my HR person used to sit on my shoulder and be with me all the time. It was really critical to doing a great job in operations.

The reason for that is if you think about the operations element of the business, it has the largest number of employees and it generally has the highest level of complexity between the different levels of employee. Often it is one of the most demanding areas because of the necessity to make quick change to be really agile and to be able to react to whats going on in the market for that organisation.

When HR works very effectively with operations what happens is first of all that front line team wake up in the morning and really want to come to work, because they love what they do and have great supervisors and team leaders who they really enjoy working for.

When HR is working effectively with operations what that means is that the operational leadership team are working incredibly well and resourcefully together with the rest of the business to be able to deliver everything that’s needed in order to ensure the profitability of the business is running at its optimum.

Do employees want to get up in the morning and come to work for you? Or actually do they wake up in the morning and think ‘ugghh I’ve got to go to work again, that’s a bit of a bore’.

Organisations that are incredibly successful have strong HR teams who help the leadership team to ensure that every single person in that organisation is waking up in the morning and being excited and happy to go in a do a really productive job. For an operations team that’s one of the most critical success factors for getting it right.

Jo Ramsdale, Regional Director

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