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Does your sales team’s ‘selling style’ match your customers’ ‘buying style’?

If you’re looking at ways to fire up your sales and commercial teams and encourage them to think more about the psychology behind a successful sale, then a sales workshop centred around the EverythingDiSC Sales tool could be a great way to get them to analyse their current approach to selling. It is this analysis that offers your sales teams a greater insight into their own selling style.

EverythingDiSC products are psychometric profile tools designed to get teams of people talking about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as helping them find out what makes each other ‘tick’. They’re commonly used by HR professionals to help build a strong and cohesive team and to help everyone work effectively with each other.

The Sales tool specifically applies this thinking to selling and how to deal with potential customers. ‘It’s a great product that I think is relevant to so many businesses – mainly because everyone is ultimately selling something to somebody,’ says Michelle Lustig, HR Director at People Puzzles. ‘The greater your sales teams understand the psychology of their buyers, combined with the psychology of their own sales style, then they can refine and adapt their style in order to maximise sales.’

Michelle has used the tool with clients’ sales teams as a warm-up session to more in-depth industry-specific sales training. ‘It got them thinking about their own DiSC profiles individually, then as a team,’ she says. ‘They worked on mapping out their customer’s DiSC profile and though about how they would adapt their natural selling style to their customer’s buying style. They could see how they operate as an individual and as a whole team understanding their strengths and areas of exposure.

A series of videos, discussion points and pre-work helps to get participants thinking and discussing in a workshop-style environment. ‘I’ve found that teams come out of the session really informed, enlightened and energised with a far deeper insight of their customer’s buying factors,’ says Michelle, who often follows the general sales workshop with a session more tailored to her clients’ industry specific selling techniques.

Running a session like this requires a facilitator with a good knowledge of DiSC theory. If you’re interested in running an EverythingDiSC Sales workshop, or other workshops for your sales team drop us an email on hello@peoplepuzzles.co.uk, by or call 0808 164 5826.

Michelle Lustig
Michelle Lustig, HR Director.

What is DiSC?

The theory behind DiSC centres around four different personality traits: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). It’s used to help individuals better understand how their peers might take a different approach to their work and respond differently to situations if they are strong in certain traits.


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