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4 Key Questions To Check Your Business Structure Is Working

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Whether you want a hierarchical business structure or a flat one, to be organised by department, skill set or client account, your organisation will have some sort of structure that allows it to operate.

In a mid-tier business the structure is often set for a historical or manager skill set reason, and it may be time to review it and make sure it is fit for purpose. Complexity increases exponentially with a multi-site and multi-country workforce, and the business needs to hang together as a cohesive whole.

The structure that got you to £5m turnover often won’t get you to £10m or to £100m, so it is important to regularly review the way the organisation is designed, and ensure it stays fit for the size it is now.

If you’d like some help with developing the structure of your business, talk to People Puzzles on 0808 164 5826 we’re happy to help. Or take our Profiler Quiz to find out how your structure compares, and where you can improve.

Carole has helped me and the business massively and added real value while helping us shape the business.

Stuart Hill, CEO, WNDirect

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