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What makes People Puzzles experts in the mid-tier space? [Video]

Our Founder, Ally Maughan, talks about our expertise in the mid tier sector.  Ally: So we talk about mid-tier businesses as having between 50 and about 350 employees, they typically are turning over between £5m-50m. They’ve come through the early stages of how do we get clients? And what makes us successful? They’re quite organised, but actually, they want to go on that next stage of growth. They need to be ready for a different scale and a different level of organisation. And there’s some ways of working that worked when you were smaller that aren’t going to work to…

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What our client, Marston Properties has to say about us [Video]

It is one thing to say good things about ourselves, but we know it is much better when our clients spread the word about how we have helped them. Marston Properties is a family run business and has been developing and managing commercial and residential properties since 1938. Managing Director Caroline Marston said, “we were dealing with HR issues and that’s when we saw People Puzzles. They were what we had been looking for. Having someone else there who’s got another angle on recruiting and what we should do, it makes us feel safer that we’re doing the right thing.” Watch…

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What does our client, Crystal Interactive think of us? [Video]

It is one thing to say good things about ourselves, but we know it is much better when our clients spread the word about how we have helped them. Crystal Interactive has worked with charities, local governments and global corporations since 2000, to ensure that people can learn and share ideas easily through new technologies at every conference, event or seminar. We met up with director Domenyk Honey and got the chance to see how the business operates. He said that we have “made a huge impact on the business. Completely changed how people are treated, knows what their needs are,…

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Watch How We Transform Businesses

 Duncan is the CEO of a logistics and technology company. He has spent that last two years adding a few key hires to his long serving senior team to take the business to the next level. Despite his increased team, who are strong on paper, he is endlessly busy, rushing around and is often a bottleneck stopping progress. Jo, the new FD, has introduced a PO system which is driving everyone crazy. Tim, the IT director, is near the end of an eighteen month ERP system installation, half the team are on board, the other half are not. Lisa, the…

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What a part time HR Director can do for your business

 Jane and Joe’s Deluxe Blender manufacturing company had grown very quickly into a business of fifty plus employees. At first this was great, but as time wore on it seemed that things had got a bit out of hand. Joe was always pulled away from what he wanted to be doing to deal with sales problems, missed orders and distribution partners who didn’t seem to be pulling their weight. Jane’s passion for the business was draining slowly with persistent account queries and staff issues. They both felt they couldn’t concentrate on what made the business great in the first place,…

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Lynn has been a fantastic support to us and an ongoing fountain of knowledge. If you have a business and/or staff you need to take care of, you need a Lynn on your team!

Kerry Berry, Director, S&K Berry Associates LLP

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