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Benefits of Part Time HR Support

Part time HR director level support is a growing area of HR outsourcing – particularly among small and mid-tier businesses looking for a cost-effective and speedy solution to their HR issues.

With the economy steadily growing, SMEs are experiencing a vast amount of change in a short space of time. This increases the pressure to adapt quickly and efficiently to market trends. For many business owners, the expertise and commercial nous of a part-time HR director is invaluable, and the perfect solution for long-term results.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of part time HR support, and why you should consider outsourcing your HR services.

Cost-Effective Solution

If you’re a small or mid-tier business owner, making cost-effective, strategic decisions to optimise growth and efficiency is likely to be one of your main, if not you’re first, priority. Hiring a part time HR director – either to manage a specific project, resolve a crisis, or implement organisational change – is one such decision that can save you a great deal of valuable time and money in the long-run.

A full-time HR director requires a large salary, and it can be very time consuming and costly hiring and training full time staff to manage HR issues internally. Part time HR directors eliminate these costs and their extensive experience means they have an in-depth understanding of key business tactics that will increase revenue and reduce costs.

Part Time HR Expertise

Whether you require the support of a part time HR director for a few months or a few years, they are guaranteed to inject a high level of knowledge and expertise into your business.  Whilst working alongside your team, they can train up your senior members of staff to equip them with the key skills needed to maintain an efficient talent management process in the future. Part time HR directors can also advise and educate on important HR legal issues and set in place successful recruitment and selection process and employee engagement strategies to drive your business forward.

For more information, read our page on Getting the Most Out of a Part Time HR Director.

Fresh Perspective

One of the most significant benefits of this kind of HR support is the fresh perspective and unique insight a part-time expert can bring to your business. They will have an objective view on what is good for your business and your employees, and will be able to contribute honestly without being seen as a threat to senior members of staff. As independent operators dedicated to influencing change and helping businesses to transition quickly and cost-efficiently, part time HR directors have the credibility and outside perspective needed to deliver long-term results.

Business Consultancy

A unique asset of part time HR directors is their astute commercial acumen and strategic thinking ability. Their job is to work with a wide range of businesses, big and small, to deliver successful, tailored HR solutions that create change quickly and effectively – so they need to have exceptional business insight. Working with your business, they will pinpoint your unique commercial and financial challenges quickly, and will use this insight to streamline your HR functions and deliver the results you want.

Immediate Results

A quality part time HR consultant can grasp key challenges quickly and add value almost instantly. They are quick and easy to to assimilate into your business, and are naturally very results-focused and completely committed to their clients. The return on investment of hiring the right part time HR director can be substantial. If your business is struggling with growth-hindering challenges, it’s very likely the cost of failure to deliver change will outweigh the cost of hiring a part time HR professional. The immediate results provided by interim HR support will ensure your business objectives are far more achievable and your senior staff are equipped with the leadership skills and insight to maintain a productive and growth-focused workplace in the future.

Give your business the boost it needs with part time HR support. Contact People Puzzles today to discuss your needs.

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