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If You Love Your Job…

Your employees spend a lot of their time at work, ensuring they enjoy their time there means that they are more likely to produce better results. In turn working with you in taking the business forward.

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Apprenticeships: What’s stopping you?

National Apprenticeships Week is your annual reminder that if you haven’t considered the current government scheme, you might be missing a huge opportunity to upskill your workforce at a fraction of the cost of the training.

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Apprenticeships: Five myths busted

Apprenticeships have changed in recent years. The image of a young school leaver learning a trade simply isn’t what modern apprentices look like these days. Apprentices can be any age and decades into their career.

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How to bring your company values to life?

The values of your company are a key way for you to engage your employees, and hiring based around your values means they are more likely to stick around in the long run.   If you would like some support refreshing your Vision or Values then give us a ring on 0808 164 5826. 

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‘I am spending too much money on recruitment agencies!’

Recruitment agencies costs can seem eye-watering – especially if the resulting hire doesn’t work out long term. But cutting costs without a plan could mean missing out on the best candidates. People Directors Victoria Sullivan and Alison Hilton explain why a recruitment strategy pays dividends in the long run.

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New year, same old?

Seven years ago I distinctly remember standing in the kitchen at one of our clients in January, talking to the business owner, Tim. I was running People Puzzles and working with them as one of our clients, as their part-time People Director, and had been for two years. I was exhausted. I felt pretty lacking in energy. Yet it was January, the season of new beginnings and supposedly new ideas. Tim started explaining to me the rhythm of running businesses. You gear up in January, put on a brave face, galvanise the team and fill them with passion for the coming…

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