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    There's a great new Success Story on the site, following a project working with TeamSport, the UK's largest indoor karting operator.

    Head over to the Success Stories page to find out how People Puzzles' experience and expertise helped TeamSport develop a process for recruiting large numbers of highly skilled staff for their new karting centres.

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Latest Blog Post

Tasks, Goals or Objectives?


Well-chosen goals and objectives point a business in the right direction and keep a company on the right track.  A football match without goal posts would just be a number of players running around in circles kicking the ball at one another.

They should cascade down the business and support the company, the team and contribute to personal development.

The board agrees the strategic goals for the business. Directors are set objectives for themselves and their teams. They in turn set the agenda for their team members with both team objectives and personal ones.

Objectives and goals must be meaningful in a business context – there is no point a manager setting an objective relating to the development of new products if that is at odds with a business objective to concentrate on existing brands.

A Goal is not the same as an Objective and it is certainly not a Task.

Tasks are specific pieces of work you undertake to do your job e.g. enter a new client into the CRM system, answer the phone, etc.

Goals establish where you intend to go and tell you when you get there. They help improve your overall effectiveness as a company — whether you want to increase your share of the market or improve your customer service. The more carefully you define your goals, the more likely you are to do the right things and achieve what you wanted to accomplish in the first place.

Objectives are the specific steps you and your company need to take in order to reach each of your goals. They specify what you must do — and how and when.

Think of goals and objectives this way:

  • Goals tell you where you want to go;  objectives tell you exactly how to get there.
  • Goals can increase your effectiveness;  objectives back your goals and make you more efficient.
  • Goals are typically described in words;  objectives often come with numbers and specific dates.

All of this has to start from the top. We would love to chat if you are having problems setting strategic goals for the business.


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Welcome to People Puzzles

There is a strong link between good people management and profit. Having the right people in place and working together effectively helps your business to grow and become more successful. Not always easy to achieve, it can divert you from what you do best – running your business or organisation.

That’s when clients turn to People Puzzles. We offer a completely flexible HR service delivered by a Team with real depth of knowledge and a very wide range of HR specialisms. Managing people to improve results is what we are good at. We work flexibly as part of your team to find straightforward solutions to your people puzzles both strategic and operational.

If HR issues are taking up too much of your time and not getting the results you want, talk to People Puzzles. We’ll quickly get involved in your business providing practical support on strategic and operational HR issues to deliver measureable impact.

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In a nutshell...

We can help you solve
your people puzzles

The top 3 problems our clients are facing...
1. My exec team aren’t all pulling in the same direction
2. I don’t know what my employees are doing with their time
3. We’re struggling to succeed in the current climate

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Our team

Ally Maughan started People Puzzles in 2010 because she recognised that people problems were often the biggest, single factor holding a company back from growth. Four years later, People Puzzles has a Team of experienced, HR professionals hand-picked for their proven ability to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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Our approach

We work with businesses that know they should be more successful but are being held back by their people puzzles. Our aim is to create a positive working environment where everyone pulls in the same direction to achieve good results, efficiency and profit...

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Success stories

At People Puzzles we are proud of our reputation for helping businesses to grow and become more successful.

We recognise that it's always more interesting to read about how other businesses like yours have successfully taken on their HR challenges so have included here a selection of our Success Stories.

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