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    People Puzzles has expanded into Northern England!

    Our new Regional Director is Debra Lee and her area covers from Liverpool in the West across to Hull in the East and all areas along the M62 corridor.

    The last few months have been dedicated to finding the very best part time HR Directors in the North and we are delighted to announce that Caroline des Forges, Hazel Lowndes, Liz Reynolds and Neil Millan have joined the team. Bringing with them a wealth of HR experience across many sectors and companies.

    Welcome on board! The future looks exciting!

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Latest Blog Post

Top Tips for Motivating your Team: Stop Demotivating Them!

When it comes to employee productivity most employers turn to incentives to motivate staff. ‘Employee of the month’ awards can be given out to boost morale and inspire them to work harder. But studies have shown that motivational incentives like this don’t always work and often have the opposite effect. Instead, employers would see more productivity and happier employees if they took away the demotivating factors rather than offer motivational incentives.

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Welcome to People Puzzles

There is a strong link between good people management and profit. Having the right people in place and working together effectively helps your business to grow and become more successful. Not always easy to achieve, it can divert you from what you do best – running your business or organisation.

That’s when clients turn to People Puzzles. We offer a completely flexible HR service delivered by a Team with real depth of knowledge and a very wide range of HR specialisms. Managing people to improve results is what we are good at. We work flexibly as part of your team to find straightforward solutions to your people puzzles both strategic and operational.

If HR issues are taking up too much of your time and not getting the results you want, talk to People Puzzles. We’ll quickly get involved in your business providing practical support on strategic and operational HR issues to deliver measureable impact.

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In a nutshell...

We can help you solve
your people puzzles

The top 3 problems our clients are facing...
1. My exec team aren’t all pulling in the same direction
2. I don’t know what my employees are doing with their time
3. We’re struggling to succeed in the current climate

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Our team

Ally Maughan started People Puzzles in 2010 because she recognised that people problems were often the biggest, single factor holding a company back from growth. Four years later, People Puzzles has a Team of experienced, HR professionals hand-picked for their proven ability to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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Our approach

We work with businesses that know they should be more successful but are being held back by their people puzzles. Our aim is to create a positive working environment where everyone pulls in the same direction to achieve good results, efficiency and profit...

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Success stories

At People Puzzles we are proud of our reputation for helping businesses to grow and become more successful.

We recognise that it's always more interesting to read about how other businesses like yours have successfully taken on their HR challenges so have included here a selection of our Success Stories.

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